Beginner Clinics

Ideal for first time golfers looking at learning the basic skills of golf in a relaxed and supportive learning environment.  Consisting of 4 weekly clinics this covers the basics of grip, posture, alignment, set-up, swing and includes chipping and putting.

Cost:      $100 for 4 one hour sessions.  Minimum of 4 people.  All equipment provided.

Game Improvement Clinics

This clinic is essential for anyone who regularly plays golf and wishes to seek improvement in their game.  Clinics will include developing a more consistent set up, achieving a better solid contact, developing a pre shot routine and adopting better practice routines.

Cost:      $100 for 4 one hour sessions. Minimum of 4 people.

Short Game Clinics

Anne-Marie offers several 1 hour group clinics throughout the year on all the short game components including putting, chipping, bunker shots and pitching.

“Those who rule the short game will take home the gold”

Instruction ranges from beginner to experienced levels.

Cost:      $25 for one hour clinic.  Minimum of 4 people.